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Whistleblower Rights and Protection

Did you report an illegal action at work? Watch this video about whistleblower rights and protection, then contact our Orange County Employment Lawyer.


Do I have any rights as a whistleblower if I report something I feel is wrong by my employer?


Whistleblower Rights and Protection We recently received a call from a client who had reported something that he believed was illegal in the workplace, and the employer retaliated against him afterwards. The client believed that maybe he was wrong when he made that report in the workplace, that maybe, in fact, it was not illegal, so the issue came up of whether or not an employee is still protected against retaliation if they’re incorrect in what they report or if they’re incorrect that it was a violation of a law.

Generally speaking, you don’t have to be right, but you have to reasonably believe that it’s a violation of a law or a statute or a regulation. If you feel that you’ve been retaliated against in the workplace, give our office a call for a consultation.

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