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5 Jennifer Kaminski via 

I called a lot of employment lawyers in Orange County, CA and came across Bijan Darvish.  Bijan was so informative about the law surrounding my case.  I wasn’t sure if I even had a case but after talking to him I felt confident that we could win. I was very happy with the outcome and have recommended him to others.  If you are looking for the best Orange County employment attorney, look no further than Mr. Darvish.

5 Ennio Rocca via 

Bijan Darvish was a beacon of hope to me and my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of presenting my case appeared lost. I spent so much time looking for the right attorney that would understand the injustice I had suffered and believed in my case. As soon as I met Bijan, I knew he was the right lawyer for me.
Bijan prepared me for every aspect of my lawsuit. He was honest and candid with me, he never lied to me, or gave me false hope. I appreciated that Bijan treated me like a partner and not just a client. Bijan made it easy for me to understand and took the time to explain everything to me. I trust Bijan 100% and I knew he had my best interest the entire time.
Bijan was able to represent me in a professional manner, he is empathetic, highly intelligent, and he is an extraordinary trial lawyer. My words cannot do justice to his abilities in the court room. Bijan not only fought hard for me, but he believed in my case, and that passion really shined when he was in the court room.
Ultimately, I won my case because of Bijan. If I could give him 10 stars I would. I will forever be grateful for my experience with Bijan and highly recommend him if you are looking for someone to fight for you. Thank you Bijan for believing in me, for fighting for me, so that justice could be served!

5 James via 

I was fortunate to have Bijan represent me during an unfortunate time. From the get go, he makes you instantly comfortable with the process. Well as comfortable as one can get with a discipline process. His attentiveness and detailed explanation of the process provided me with a clear understanding of the events to come.

Every step of the way, Bijan was available by phone, text or in person to discuss any facet of the case.

Bijan comes from a law enforcement background which made navigating the investigation an terminology a breeze. Or at least thats how I felt after any explanation of the process.

If you are looking for a hard charging attorney who will treat you like you’re a family member he is fighting for, look no further. Bijan is definitely the attorney for the job.

5 Mike G. via 

I was fortunate to be represented by Bijan multiple times during a difficult time in my career. Bijan always explained the process to me as well as helped me understand the possible outcomes of the case. His dedication to myself as a client and his overall attention to every detail is second to none.
Bijan was always available by phone, text, email, or in person to discuss any questions/concerns I had about my case.
If you are looking for a professional, hard working attorney who will treat you like family, there is nobody better than Bijan.

5 Mahshid Ziyaeioon via 

He was the most professional attorney I have ever met. He was very honest and candid with me. Bijan made it easy for me to understand and took the time to explain everything to me.

5 Shelley McKerren via 

He was the most professional attorney I have ever met. His honesty was awesome in addition to understanding the working of a law enforcement environment. Highly recommend him at the highest level.

5 Michael Sargent via 

As a former longtime association president, Bijan was our go to attorney for all legal matters, including administrative investigations and legal defense. Bijan is the hardest working attorney I know and has a unique ability to relate to his clients. I would trust him with any legal matter.