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Right To Sue Notice

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What is a right-to-sue notice, and how do I get one in California?


Right To Sue Notice We recently received a call from a client in Orange County, California, who believed that she was discriminated against in the workplace. She had reported the discrimination to Human Resources, and she was given some information packets that contained information about contacting the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, or the DFEH, in obtaining a right-to-sue letter, and she wanted to know exactly what a right-to-sue letter was.

In the state of California, in order to sue for discrimination or harassment, or even retaliation, under the regulations of the DFEH, you have to first obtain a right-to-sue letter from the DFEH. A right-to-sue letter authorizes you to file a lawsuit in court. You can’t file the lawsuit in court unless you get that right-to-sue letter. If you believe that you’ve been discriminated against in the workplace, give our office a call for a consultation.

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