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Choosing a Discrimination Lawyer

Have you been experiencing discrimination in the workplace? Watch this video about choosing a discrimination lawyer in Orange County, then call our office.


How do I choose a lawyer for my discrimination claim in Orange County?


Choosing a Discrimination Lawyer Recently, we received a call from a potential client, and she posed an interesting question. The question was, “How do I choose the right attorney for my employment claim?” Choosing the right attorney for an employment case is different than choosing an attorney for, let’s say, a family law case or a criminal law case or even a personal injury case. You want an attorney who is experienced in trials and who focuses primarily on employment law. Here at our office, we only focus on employment law; we don’t do any criminal law or family law, and we practice primarily in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

If you feel like you have an employment case, feel free to give our office a call for a consultation.

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