Bijan Darvish

Bijan Darvish currently represents employees in employment related matters. Bijan is also a panel attorney for PORAC LDF where he represents law enforcement personnel.  

Bijan immigrated to this country in 1985. In 1999, Bijan began his law enforcement career to help keep communities safe. After being a police officer for twelve years, Bijan was forced to retire after several major back surgeries. Bijan then attended Whittier Law School, where he graduated Cum Laude. While attending Whittier Law School, Bijan was the recipient of a merit scholarship and Cali Awards (award for receiving the highest grade a class) in Employment Law, Community Property, and Legal Writing. 

Bijan Darvish has continued his goal to help keep communities safe. There are rules in place that we are all required to follow.  These rules not only keep individuals safe, but keep all of us in the communities safe as well. The impact goes far beyond just the employee.